Partner With TBS

True Blue Strategy welcomes connections from individuals, nonprofits, small / large businesses and community organizations. Our team will work with you to identify your needs, build a strategy that meets those needs, and work with you and/or your team to help bring that plan to reality (or do our very best in trying to). Here are a few ideas on who our clients are, and how we can partner with them:

Individuals: For individuals looking to run for local political office, True Blue Strategy can help provide guidance on the process (advisor role), through to full political campaign management (or anywhere in between).

Small Businesses / Enterprises: True Blue Strategy understands that businesses from home-based to major corporations will often need assistance with planning the right strategy to reach out to new customers, and engage with existing customers. We can provide reviews your current social media or publicity strategy, or help you build a new one based on your businesss desired goals. Our team has experience in web site design and optimization, integrating social media tools into your online presence, and assisting you to create a stronger brand online.

Political Action Committee (PAC): True Blue Strategy has experience launching and managing political action committees at the local (city) level and the state level. For individuals or groups that would like to influence the political stage without directly launching a candidate campaign a PAC provides the only legally permitted option, that has the capacity to raise funds and use those funds for that purpose.

Nonprofits/Community Organizations: True Blue Strategy has experience in launching and managing nonprofits of all types. We can assist individuals or groups to prepare documents, develop mission statements and strategic plans, or support your organizations board development processes. True Blue Strategy will also work with existing boards to review strategic documents, assist with board training and / or develop marketing strategy to enhance your organizations presence in the community.