What We Do

Public Affairs

We help bring together the different elements that make an issues-based campaign successful: grassroots mobilization, advocacy, and messaging. Advocacy strategies works best through a collaboration of like individuals and organizations, and our goal is to connect key stakeholders supportive of your issue to build a stronger message, and a successful outcome. Our strategies aim to remind elected officials, corporations and organizations how much the voters care about your issues.

Political Campaigns

Our team has electoral experience at different levels of government and within the community. We’ve either worked directly for a campaign, led campaign efforts through political action committees, initiated public advocacy awareness, among other forums. The following are some examples of our experience:

  • 2001/2002: Working with local leaders and the Chamber of Commerce, led the successful campaign to change the local law to permit the sale of beer and wine in the City of Frisco. This historic election remains one of the largest voter turnouts in the city’s history, with close to 25% of registered voters participating.
  • 2005: Established and managed a locally focused political action committee to oppose the Texas Constitutional Amendment relating to same-sex marriage. Partnered with key state organizations to provide a unified message, and increase voter turnout. The proposition passed (76.25% to 23.74%).
  • 2008: Provided strategic and communication services for the primary GOP campaign for Congressional District 4. The campaign attempted to unseat a long-term incumbent with very broad support throughout the district. The campaign received the second largest number of votes in the primary.
  • 2011: Established and managed a local political action committee to led a “vote against” campaign to retain the financial bond support for a multi-city performing arts center. This campaign was not successful in defeating the measure put to voters (52.64% in favor, 47.36% against), however did provide opportunities to improve our strategies in future elections.
  • 2015: Successfully managed the City of Frisco Bond Election, leading the strategic and communications services, filing financial disclosure reports. The Bond Election presented 12 propositions to the citizens of Frisco, and all successfully passed.


We will help you improve your message. Effective messages have to be media-friendly, accurate, and above all  memorable. We also believe that your message needs to reflect your values, while remaining in an ethical space. Our team will conduct in-house research on the issues at stake, develop a deep understanding of your message, identify issues that may impact that message and aim to take it to the next level. As part of the overall messaging strategy we can help write press releases and pitch stories to media outlets, as well as assist in writing talking points and speeches.

Public Relations

We work with you to create and focus on a proactive media strategy, that leads the conversation, rather than a reactive one. We recognize that failing to plan for a reactionary moment in any campaign is a bad strategy, and we will help prepare for those situations when they arise. Crisis management is one of our core competencies, but handling crises well is not enough. Learning from those moments and strengthening your message is key to any strategy. We take pride in making your message more effective.

Social media and digital outreach

The impact of social media to expand a campaign’s reach, when used effectively, can be great. The importance of developing a detailed plan, one that aligns with the objectives of your campaign, is key to maintaining a message. We will develop that plan for you and help you execute it. One of the keys to an effective social media strategy is the evaluation of that plan, along with the ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of it. Our team has a great deal of experience with social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Using social media in innovative ways will maximize your messaging and contribute to successful goals.

Organizational Support

True Blue Strategy also works with businesses or organizations to provide focused support to assist in your day-to-day management. Our clients have engaged True Blue Strategy to lead conference management and event planning, general organizational support, operational reviews and strategic support.


To create the most effective strategy for your success, we will partner with additional experts with specific skills sets when needed.

As a partner with you or your organization, you can trust that we will:

  • be reliable, ethical and straightforward in our our approach;
  • work to understand your needs, and provide a scope of work that has realistic expectations, along with measurable outcomes;
  • be honest in our disclosures to highlight any potential conflicts; and
  • understand our role as your partner.