Why and Who

Why True Blue?

The term True Blue has many meanings, but most commonly it is a reference to being “very genuine, very loyal” and expresses a strong sense of Australian values. In the United States, True Blue can mean “completely faithful and loyal to a person or an idea.” When forming True Blue Strategy, we searched for a name that reflected the heritage and the values of the company’s founder, and as an Australian with a strong sense of honesty, genuine and loyal, the name appeared to be very appropriate.

Who is True Blue Strategy?

True Blue Strategy is led by James Nunn.

James background provides a solid foundation for True Blue Strategy. He most recently worked with a large nonprofit agency as a leader to launch and develop an innovative new mentoring program. In this role, he was involved in all aspects of the program, including brand management, social media and online presence, marketing, evaluation and strategic growth development. Previously, James worked with the Australian Government in a variety of roles, including information technology, strategic management, training and human resources. Recognizing his talents for seeing the big picture, and ability to effectively collaborate with others, in his last role with the Australian Public Sector, James was part of the leadership to successfully develop and authorize a workplace agreement covering all non-senior Executive employees for a branch of the Attorney-Generals Department.

As a younger man, James was actively involved in politics at the local, state and federal level in Australia. Today, James continues to be an engaged community member, working with leaders and community organizations within the local area, including many electoral campaigns.

Building on James information technology background, he obtained an E-Business Media degree from Collin College, prior to completing his Sociology degree at the University of North Texas. Utilizing many of the skill sets that James has developed, he has become an effective consumer and provider of social media content, and has developed strategies that aim to influence and educate.

James is married and lives in Frisco, TX where he shares his home with his husband, two dogs and a cat. In his spare time, James likes to travel, spend time with his pets, catch up on TV shows and listen to audible books.